OFFICIAL PRESS RELEASE(Yannie360 Nigeria’s 1st Online Fashion Market)

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Twitter: @Yannie360

For anyone yet to grasp the general idea behind the Yannie360 Project.

About Us

Yannie360 is the 1st Online Fashion Market in Nigeria. It was created to promote the fashion industry in Nigeria and aid in expanding it on both domestic and international fronts. Yannie360 also serves as an online community for designers. The major aim of Yannie360 is to bring designers closer to the doorsteps of all.
On Yannie360, fashion designers ( FADs) upload there designs, enabling potential customers to peruse them and order/contact designers according to their preferences. For the products which are placed for sale on the site, customers who order such will have them delivered to their respective locations. Local fabrics would also be available for sale on the site (keeping to our aim of promoting Nigerian fashion). This gives visitors the opportunity to get good fabrics and there preferred designer in the same place.

Our Mission

Our aim is to Re-Brand the Nigeria Fashion Industry. Yannie360 was envisioned as a revolutionary tool to expand the fashion industry and it seeks to do that through the below.

How Does It Work: The designer creates an account and own a page on the site. On this page, designers would be able to 1)Upload designs made by him/her
2)Sell these designs
3)Interact with customers
4)General Marketing
Designers will be able to update their pages
Who can be on Yannie360 ?
fashion designers. fashion accessories designers , Cordmainer(Shoe Makers),et Shoe Sellers Boutique Owners, Fabrics Seller, and anything fashion related can be on the site etc.

Why should designers be on Yannie360
Yannie360 is the 1st and only fashion market in Nigeria that gives a designer whether professional or amateur, the chance to create an online presence open to a large number of visitors, interact with potential customers and network within a large community of fashion designers and most importantly make money through this online market.

Online Marketing/Expansion: Designers would have their accounts from which they can expand their client base. With Yannie360, we seek to provide a large market for any designer and a plethora of choices for any potential customer. It should be noted that this is not limited to just the Nigerian fashion industry. Also, with Yannie360, any designer with an existing website can get more traffic to his/her website.

Networking: Yannie360 is the only online community for designers in Nigeria. Thus, it is an ideal platform for networking and even mentoring.
Young, amateur or up-coming designers can approach established designers or those they look up to easily.

Contact development: Our aim at Yannie360 is to re-brand the fashion industry in Nigeria. It is no doubt that the fashion industry is under-rated. Thus, we seek to provide a place where the fashion needs of the general public will be met by getting in one place.

Income Generation: All designs on the website comes with price tag by designers once any customer order for it, more money in your account

On Yannie360 we have two different categories of accounts: The Premium and the Platinum.

Under this category, designers are allowed to enjoy the benefit of creating an account and access to a page. Here, designers are allowed to upload up to five different designs at any given time. The designer is in total control of the page and interacts as he/she wants with the customer.

This category allows you to enjoy the same benefit of creating an account and access to a page but on a large scale. Designers in this category have a chance to be among the top brands on the site which would be displayed on the homepage. Membership of this category comes with the benefit of uploading an unrestricted number of designs at any time(3 times in a month). Designers are allowed to Sell designs uploaded. The marketing opportunities that accrue to members of this category cannot be over-emphasized .This platinum package however comes with a fee which depends on the number of designs and the nature of designs or accessories to be displayed.

There would be a fashion blog on the site with articles from in-house fashion experts. The aim here is to generally help people with their fashion acumen. Apart from our fashion expert, Designers would be given chance to write on this blog. This blog will centre on some basics feature which include: What to Wear and How to Wear Apart from the blog, for people who are at sea as to their fashion/clothing needs, the 24-Hours Online Fashion experts would be available at all times to assist them.
Yannie360 was envisioned as a revolutionary tool to expand the fashion industry and it seeks to do that through the above.

To be part of Yannie360 contact: or Call 08153635783
Yannie360 is set to commence operations by October.

Adetayo Tolulope
C.E.O Yannie360


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    Support the movement. R u a designer n u want to put ur stuff out der? u in need of clients? contact yannie360 n av ur dreams come true.

  2. WOw…..way to go….. I must this is cool…….pls am intrested I am to contact you on your number right.

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