GoldieIt is with a heavy heart and gratitude to God for a life well spent that we announce the death of music star and former Big Brother Africa contestant Susan Oluwabimpe Harvey, also known by the stage name Goldie.

She died last night at Reddington Hospital located at 12 Idowu Martins Street,Victoria Island and according to information reaching us from there said she died of pulmonary embolism. Pulmonary embolism is an obstruction of a blood vessel in the lungs, usually due to a blood clot, which blocks a coronary artery. She had just returned from the Grammy Awards in Los Angeles.

Before her death, Goldie had churned out hits like “Don’t touch my body” and more recently “Skibobo” on the Kennis music label.

Goldie was a great artist, full of life and capable of brightening up any environment that she was.


Posted on February 15, 2013, in Entertainment. Bookmark the permalink. 4 Comments.

  1. The english is too much break it down for us,is she sick before or she had an accident?

  2. R.I.P goldieeeeeeeee

  3. rest goldie in peace she was a humble lady

  4. prezzo be strong. god is the one who gives and at the same time takes at his will

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